GC: n

CT: The waste is fed into the vertical-shaft furnace by an overhead crane, through a charging hopper. Extremely high-temperature combustion air, preheated in a superblast heater, is blown in at the base of the gasifier (shaft furnace), at a temperature of up to 2000 degrees F.

S: TERMIUMPLUS (An evaluation of wood-waste energy conversion systems / prepared by B.H. Levelton, D.V. O'Connor.)

N: 1. From the verb gasify: as transitive verb, to convert into gas ; as intransitive verb, to become gaseous. First Known Use of gasify: circa 1828.
2. An apparatus for manufacturing gas (as synthesis gas from coal).
3. Metal tank for combustion of vegetable matter with low oxygen input.
4. The producer gas obtained, called lean gas, has low caloric value.
5. Cultural Interrelation: Dr. H S Mukunda revives the interest in gasifiers...

S: 1. MW - http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gasifier(external link) (last access: 21 December 2014). 2, 3 & 4. TERMIUMPLUS. 5. http://www.goodnewsindia.com/Pages/content/discovery/cgpl.html(external link) (last access: 31 march 2015).

SYN: gasification reactor, gas reactor, gas producer, producer.


CR: biomass energy, lean gas.


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