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CT: Hydropower plants use modern turbine generators to produce electricity just as coal, oil, or nuclear power plants do. The difference is in the source item used to spin the turbine.
A typical hydropower plant is a system that has three main parts: a reservoir where water can be stored, a dam with gates to control water flow, and a power plant where the electricity is produced.
A hydropower plant uses the force of flowing water to produce electricity. A dam opens gates at the top to allow water from the reservoir to flow down large tubes called penstocks. At the bottom of the penstocks, the fast-moving water spins the blades of the turbines. The turbines are attached to generators to produce electricity, which is transported along transmission lines to a utility company.

S: http://www.switchenergyproject.com/education/CurriculaPDFs/SwitchCurricula-Intermediate-Hydro/SwitchCurricula-Intermediate-HydroFactsheet.pdf(external link) (last access: 22 February 2015)

N: 1. "opening, entrance," Old English geat (plural geatu) "gate, door, opening, passage, hinged framework barrier," from Proto-Germanic gatan, of unknown origin.
2. A movable watertight barrier for the control of a liquid in a waterway.
3. gates: In addition to spillways, openings through dams are also required for drawing off water for irrigation and water supply, for ensuring a minimum flow in the river for riparian interests downstream, for generating power, and for evacuating water and silt from the reservoir. These gated openings normally are fitted with coarse screens at the upstream ends to prevent entry of floating and submerged debris. Provision for cleaning these screens is essential.
4. Cultural Interrelation: The gates were mitre shaped (perhaps based on earlier designs by Leonardo da Vinci) which caused the gates to close tightly due to the pressure of water.

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CR: cofferdam, dam, lock, reservoir (EN), weir


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