multi-bladed windmill

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CT: The objective of this research is to study the small multi-blades windmill for water pumping by using a studying performance of windmill which has a curvature plate ratio of 0.07 and determine overall efficiency and evaluate economic of the system. The results from the test run of windmill rotor model in the wind tunnel at a wind velocity of 3 m/s, the windmill give maximum power coefficient of 0.296 at a tip speed ratio of 1.18. The results from the test run of the windmill-pump system at 2 m head have an overall efficiency of 0.239 at the wind velocity of 1.2 m/s. The output of 2.38 L/min, which implies a rate of return for water pumping at 0.038 USD per cubicmetre of water base on 10 year-life time of windmill.

S: http://www.scientific.net/AMR.724-725.527(external link) (last access: 23 December 2014)

N: 1. multi-bladed (adj): From multi- (before vowels mult-, word-forming element meaning "many, many times, much," from comb. form of Latin multus "much, many," from PIE ml-to-, from root mel- "strong, great, numerous") and bladed (having blades).
windmill (n): c.1300, from wind + mill. Similar formation in German Windmühle, Dutch windmolen, French moulin à vent. Verb meaning "to swing the arms wildly" is recorded from 1888. Related: Windmilled; windmilling.
2. A horizontal axis wind turbine possessing several blades.
3. The most famous example of multibladed windmills is the American farm windmill.
4. An American farm windmill and water storage tank. Systems like this pumped water for the first railroads that crossed the United States; farmers still use them throughout the world.
5. Cultural Interrelation: A tower-shaped multi-bladed horizontal axis windmill first introduced in the American and Canadian Western Great Plains and used by farmers mainly for pumping water from deep underground. For instance, there is one in the opening scene of the Sergio Leone's movie, Once Upon A Time in the West (1968).

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GV: multibladed windmill

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SYN: American farm windmill, multi-vane fan, farm windmill, Old Farm Water-Pumper, multiblade pumper, American wind pump, American mill.

S: GDT (last access: 13 November 2014)

CR: panemone (EN), windmill, wind energy, wind turbine (1), wind turbine (2).


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