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CT: Carrying out single component fuel studies greatly simplifies the identification of unburned fuel and the determination of the relationship of combustion products to fuel components. Unburned fuel was a significant component of the HC emissions in the case of toluene combustion (72 percent); but for non-aromatic fuels was less than 10 percent of exhaust THC as shown in Table VII. For cyclohexane and MTBE combustion, unburned fuel represented only ~ 3 percent of THC.

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N: 1. - unburned (adj): Composed of prefix of negation "un-" (Old English un-, from Proto-Germanic un- meaning 'not') and the past participle "burned" (from "burn" (v.) the early 12 century, brennen, "be on fire, be consumed by fire; be inflamed with passion or desire, be ardent).
- fuel (n): From Old French foaille 'fuel for heating', from Medieval Latin legal term focalia.
2. Unburned fuel and fuel-derived combustion products are exhausted from engines, and this section examines major sources of these emission.
3. Too much, or too little fuel with the available combustion air may potentially result in unburned fuel and carbon monoxide generation.
4. As fuels are burned with just enough air to release the total BTUs in the fuel, the reaction is said to be “stoichiometric” or burned “on ratio”—when combustion is complete, no free oxygen or unburned fuel remains.
5. Air Pollution, Pollutants and General Scientific and Technical Vocabulary:
  • The greatest cause of air pollution is the release of unburned fuel into the air.
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CR: energy, fuel.


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