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CT: Here we consider bioconversion to be the use of biological processes to transform biomass materials from one form to another. Such conversions involve the use of enzymes, microbes or other biological agents, alone or in combination. It is important to note that in the ‘biorefinery’ the bioconversion processes involve the use of both physical and chemical methods.

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N: 1. bio (prefix): Word-forming element, from Greek bio-, comb. form of bios “one’s life, course or way of living, lifetime” (as opposed to zoe “animal life, organic life”), from PIE root *gweie-.
conversion (n): From de middle 14c., originally of religión, from French conversion, from Latin conversionem (nominative conversatio), noun of action from past participle stem of convertere.
2. The first bioconversion process was probably ethanol production. Taking a very broad view of the technology that is employed today to make ethanol one can conclude very little progress has been made in the last century although the cost of producing fuel ethanol has be cut in half over the last twenty years.
3. Bioconversion of crop residues to produce fuel or energy at the farm scale is rarely practiced in the USA.
4. Bioconversion technology is of today’s important challenges for alternative and renewable energy with carbon and biomass, waste organic conversion and waste management solutions.
5. There are two principal processes for bioconversion:

  1. Enzymatic hydrolysis – a single source of feedstock, switchgrass for example, is mixed with strong enzymes which convert a portion of cellulosic material into sugars which can then be fermented into ethanol. …
  2. Synthesis gas fermentation – a blend of feedstock, not exceeding 30% water, is gasified in a closed environment into a syngas containing mostly carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

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SYN: biochemical conversion, biological conversion.

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CR: biogas , energy, solar radiation, fermentation