heat insulating material

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CT: What is heat insulating materials? “Heat insulating material” means a material to insulate heat literally. Utilization of heat insulating material is spreading over various fields from ultra-low temperature applications(-253°C) of using liquid hydrogen for fuel to high temperature applications(above 2,000°C)that of nuclear reactors.
Why do such various fields demand heat insulating materials?
It is because the safety and productivity improved by the heat insulating materials are necessary for today’s industry. It is widely recognized that remarkable economic results, improvement of product accuracy as well as productivity, reduction of energy cost on the production line, comfortable working environment and minimization of deformation which are all attributed to heat insulation. An increasing number of industries are expecting more effective heat insulating materials and are taking a great interest in them.

S: http://www.nikkokasei.co.jp/pdf/E-heat7.pdf (last access: 30 December 2014)

N: 1. thermal insulation: Material used to reduce heat losses whether due to conduction, radiation or convection.
2. The reduction of conductive losses can be achieved by the use of a highly cellular material in which pockets of trapped air, a poor conductor acts as the insulator … Materials of this type include foamed plastics, such as polystyrene, and glass wool. Source 1, fiche 1, Anglais, Observation 1 – thermal%20insulation
3. For some, the terms “thermal break” and “thermal barrier” have a wider scope than “thermal insulation” and “heat insulation” because they also include dead-air spaces, whereas the last terms cover only heat-insulation materials. Source 8, fiche 1, Anglais, Observation 2 – thermal%20insulation
4. thermal break; thermal barrier: A component that is a poor conductor of heat and is placed in an assembly containing highly conducting materials in order to reduce or prevent the flow of heat.


GV: heat-insulating material


SYN: thermal insulation, thermal insulating material, thermal-insulation material, heat-insulation material, heat insulator, thermal insulator, thermal break, thermal barrier, thermobreak, heat confinement.


CR: energy, energy saving, thermal insulation.