Higgs boson

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CT: “Because the Higgs field would be responsible for mass, the very fact that the fundamental particles do have mass is regarded by many physicists as an indication of the existence of the Higgs field. We can even take all our data on particle physics data and interpret them in terms of the mass of a hypothetical Higgs boson. In other words, if we assume that the Higgs boson exists, we can infer its mass based on the effect it would have on the properties of other particles and fields. We have not yet truly proved that the Higgs boson exists, however. One of the main aims of particle physics over the next couple of decades is to prove once and for all the existence or nonexistence of the Higgs boson.”

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N: 1. The Higgs boson is named after Peter Higgs, one of six physicists who, in 1964, proposed the mechanism that suggested the existence of such a particle.
2. This model describes three types of forces: electromagnetic interactions, which cause all phenomena associated with electric and magnetic fields and the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation; strong interactions, which bind atomic nuclei; and the weak nuclear force, which governs beta decay a form of natural radioactivity and hydrogen fusion, the source of the sun’s energy.
3. The Higgs particle is connected with the weak force. Electromagnetism describes particles interacting with photons, the basic units of the electromagnetic field.
4. The Higgs boson is a critical ingredient to complete our current understanding of the Standard Model, the theoretical edifice of particle physics. Different types of Higgs bosons, if they exist, may lead us into new realms of physics beyond the Standard Model.
5. Cultural Interrelation: In the TV show The Big Bang Theory, in the chapter 21, season 5, The Hawking Excitation, Sheldon Cooper meet Stephen Hawking to talk about his Higgs boson work.

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SYN: 1. Higgs particle, Brout-Englert-Higgs boson, BEH boson, scalar boson. 2. God’s particle.

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CR: lepton , particle, quark .