solar thermal collector

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CT: Each object that converts solar radiation into heat can be considered a solar thermal collector. As such, the earth itself or even human beings are prominent examples. In a more technical sense, however, a solar thermal collector is a device that converts incoming radiation into some technically useful form of heat such as, for example, a warm fluid.

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N: 1. solar (adj.): mid-15c., “pertaining to the sun,” from Latin solaris “of the sun,” from sol “sun”. Astrological sense from 1620s. Meaning “operated by means of the sun” is from 1740; solar power is attested from 1915, solar cell from 1955, solar panel from 1964.
thermal (adj.): 1756, “having to do with hot springs,” from French thermal (Buffon), from Greek therme “heat, feverish heat,” from PIE gwher- “to heat, warm” (cognates: Latin fornax “an oven, kiln,” formus “warm,” Old English wearm). Sense of “having to do with heat” is first recorded 1837. The noun meaning “rising current of relatively warm air” is recorded from 1933.
collector (n): late 14c., “gatherer of taxes, etc.,” from Anglo-French collectour “collector” (of money or taxes; Old French collector, Modern French collecteur), from Late Latin collector, agent noun from colligere.
2. Solar thermal collector is a device which absorbs the incoming solar radiation, converts it into heat, and transfers this heat to a fluid (usually air, water, or oil) flowing through the collector.
3. The performance of a solar thermal collector is dependent on its optical efficiency and on the heat losses that occur in the collector.

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SYN: solar collector, thermal collector, collector panel, solar thermal panel, solar panel. (context)

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CR: solar thermal energy