central photovoltaic power plant

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CT: The economic feasibility of central photovoltaic power plants is investigated from the perspective of an electric power utility company. The maximum acceptable price of the system is established, as a function of conventional fuel costs. Factors which would enhance the economic attractiveness of the system are analyzed. These factors include; increases in conventional fuel costs, decreases in photovoltaic system costs and subsidies to attract utility companies.

S: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0038092X77900329 (last access: 25 February 2015)

N: Figure 115 shows a structural design for a central photovoltaic power plant. It is low cost, and keeps the panels off the ground so as to protect them against rainwater and sand. Concrete or steel posts are fixed in the ground by machines. Two cables run along the posts in each row like a fence, and are tensioned to avoid low resonance frequencies which could be excited by the wind.

S: TERMIUM PLUS (last access: 25 February 2015)

SYN: photovoltaic power plant, photovoltaic solar power plant, photovoltaic plant.

S: TERMIUM PLUS (last access: 25 February 2015)

CR: electric power station, photovoltaic solar energy, solar farm, [solar plant], solar thermal plant.