conceptual schema

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CT: In any data warehouse implementation there are many different considerations which should in place before the final physical setting up. This is to avoid in problems related to quality of data and consistencies in data processes.
A conceptual schema is an abstract definition of the whole project. In the case of data warehouse and business intelligence system, a conceptual schema represents the map of concepts and their relationships. A data warehouse is built upon a business data architecture and the business data architecture defined all the common business structures that pertain to the overall activities of the business enterprise.

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N: 1. conceptual (adj): 1820, “pertaining to mental conception” (there is an isolated use from 1662), from Medieval Latin conceptualis, from Latin conceptus “a collecting, gathering, conceiving,” past participle of concipere. Related: Conceptualism; conceptualist.
schema (n): plural schemata, 1796, in Kantian philosophy (“a product of the imagination intermediary between an image and a concept”), from Greek skhema). Meaning “diagrammatic representation” is from 1890; general sense of “hypothetical outline” is by 1939.
2. The conceptual schema describes the semantics of a company. It represents the series of assertions and rules pertaining to the nature of the business processes, entities and events. In particular, the conceptual schema the thing which are very significant to the company, a term called entity classes and the characteristics of these things, a term called attributes. The association between pairs of the those things of significance is called a relationship.
3. A conceptual schema, although it greatly represents the data warehouse and the common structure of data, is not a database design. It exists as different levels of abstractions. These abstractions are the basis for the implementation of a physical database.
4. In the fields of Data Banks and Databases: A consistent collection of sentences expressing the necessary propositions that hold for a universe of discourse.
conceptual schema: term and definition standardized by ISO and CSA.
5. In the field of Artificial Intelligence, the term “conceptual model” or conceptual schema means the archetype for the relationships between system or programming concepts derived from doing an analysis of product concepts.
The canonical form of data … is independent of whether the data will eventually be represented by means of hierarchical, CODASYL, relational or other structures. It is sometimes called a conceptual model or conceptual schema. This model must be converted into a logical representation which the selected software can handle, and this is then represented physically.
In this field the equivalent in French is modèle théorique.

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SYN: conceptual scheme, conceptual view.


CR: artificial intelligence, cognitive science, cognition, computer science, hypertext, semantic network, Semantic Web, thesaurus.