electricity generation

GC: n

CT: Electricity generation is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumers.
The other three processes are electric power transmission, electricity distribution and electricity retailing.
The demand for electricity can be met in two different ways.
The primary method thus far has been for public or private utilities to construct large scale centralized projects to generate and transmit the electricity required to fuel economies.
Many of these projects have caused unpleasant environmental effects such as air or radiation pollution and the flooding of large areas of land.
Distributed generation creates power on a smaller scale at locations throughout the electricity network.
Often these sites generate electricity as a byproduct of other industrial processes such as using gas from landfills to drive turbines.

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N: 1. electricity (n): 1640s (Browne, from Gilbert’s Modern Latin), from electric (q.v.) + -ity. Originally in reference to friction.
generation (n): early 14c., “body of individuals born about the same period” (usually 30 years), from Old French generacion (12c.) and directly from Latin generationem (nominative generatio) “generating, generation,” noun of action from past participle stem of generare “bring forth”. Meanings “act or process of procreation,” “process of being formed,” “offspring of the same parent” are late 14c.
2. The production of electricity using primary fuels such as coal, oil, wood, gas, hydroelectric and nuclear.
3. Most electricity is generated using steam produced by a heat source utilizing fossil fuels or nuclear energy.

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SYN: electric power generation, electricity production.

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CR: distributed generation, electrical energy.