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CT: An electrolyser is a piece of scientific equipment that splits polarised molecules into its ions. In this case it will split water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. A dry cell electrolyser is an electrolyser that is completely enclosed; the other type is a wet cell electrolyser which can be two metal plates in a bowl of water. The equipment is fairly simple but the theory behind it is a bit more complicated.

S: http://www.instructables.com/id/Dry-Cell-Electrolyser/ (last access: 29 July 2016)

N: 1. Alternative form of electrolyzer (electrolyze +‎ -er).
2. A hydrogen generating equipment, using electrochemical reactions to decompose water to produce gaseous hydrogen and oxygen.
3. An electrolyzer is a piece of electrochemical apparatus (something that uses electricity and chemistry at the same time) designed to perform electrolysis: splitting a solution into the atoms from which it’s made by passing electricity through it. Electrolysis was pioneered in the 18th century by British chemist Sir Humphry Davy (1778–1829), who used a primitive battery called a Voltaic pile to discover a number of chemical elements including sodium and potassium.
4. An electrolyzer is a bit like a battery working in reverse:

  • In a battery, you have chemicals packed into a sealed container with two electrical terminals dipping into them. When you connect the terminals into a circuit, the chemicals undergo reactions inside the container and produce electricity that flows through the circuit. (Read more about this in our main article on batteries.)
  • In an electrolyzer, you place a solution in a container and dip two terminals into it. You connect the terminals up to a battery or other power supply and pass electricity through the solution. Chemical reactions take place and the solution splits up into its atoms. If the solution you use is pure water (H2O), you find it quickly splitting up into hydrogen gas (at the negative electrode) and oxygen gas (at the positive electrode). It’s relatively easy to collect and store these gases for use in future.

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GV: electrolyzer

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CR: electrical energy, electrolysis.