flow rate

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CT: Since liquids are incompressible fluids, their flow rate depends only on the difference between the inlet and outlet pressures (Δp, pressure drop). The flow is the same whether the system pressure is low or high, so long as the difference between the inlet and outlet pressures is the same. Equation 1 shows the relationship.
The water flow graphs show water flow as a function of pressure drop for a range of Cv values.

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N: 1. – flow (n): mid-15c., “action of flowing,” from flow (v.). Meaning “amount that flows” is from 1807. Sense of “any strong, progressive movement comparable to the flow of a river” is from 1640s.
– rate (n) “estimated value or worth,” early 15th century from Old French rate “price, value” and directly from Medieval Latin rata (pars) “fixed (amount),” from Latin rata “fixed, settled,” fem. past participle of reri “to reckon, think” (from PIE root *re”to reason, count”).
2. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics (Physics): The volume of liquid flowing through a cross-section in a unit time.
3. According to the Glossary: Water and Wastewater Control Engineering, by the American Public Health Association, “discharge” can be the flow or the rate of flow from a canal or conduit.
4. discharge: term standardized by ISO.
5. flow rate; rate of flow: terms officially approved by the Lexicon Project Committee (New Brunswick, Canada).
6. If you can see the fluid flowing, you can measure its velocity, and that means all you need is the area through which the fluid is flowing to calculate the flow rate using the formula Q = A × v.

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SYN: discharge, rate of flow, flow, output. (depending on context)

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CR: ecological flow