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CT: Nowadays, closely linked to terminology and its practice (terminography), thta is to say, to terminology in its wider sense, we can also find “Terminotics” (see section 5.2) and all the benefits and advantages it entails for studies like the one presented here, so dependent on computer-aided tools. The Specialised Lexicographical Approach (SLA) is deeply and unavoidably linked to terminotics in the dictionary-making process as the method described shows but, what is meant by terminotics.

S: SLASDM – http://goo.gl/xhVrNm (last access: 27 December 2014)

N: 1. From terminology and informatics, like domotics.
2. Computer-aided terminology.
3. Terminology uses computational linguistics and linguistic engineering in order to constitute its own object of work, in order to improve its applications or to better organise the terminographical process. Accordingly, the convergence between computational linguistics (investigation), linguistic engineering (application) and terminology (understood both as the group of principles governing the compilation of terms and as the group of terms as such) is materialised in the branch of terminology called terminotics – represented by T in figure 16.

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CR: computer science, machine translation (2), terminologist, terminology.