vertical collector

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CT: The drilling equipment is normally installed on a truck and needs therefore a minimum free space for installation. These tasks and the entire installation work will be clarified and done by the drilling company. After drilling the vertical collector has to be filled with water before the installation takes place in order to avoid buoying upwards. Usually additional weights are attached on the probe foot. They need to be included in the calculation of the borehole lengths. If backfilling of the vertical collector is required, a thermally improved backfill material should be used. To prevent formation of voids the grouting of the vertical collectors should be done under pressure through filling pipe and injector pipe, always from bottom to top.

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N: 1. vertical (adj.): 1550s, “of or at the vertex, directly overhead,” from Middle French vertical (1540s), from Late Latin verticalis “overhead,” from Latin vertex (genitive verticis) “highest point”. Meaning “straight up and down” is first recorded 1704. As a noun meaning “the vertical position or line” from 1834.
collector (n): late 14c., “gatherer of taxes, etc.,” from Anglo-French collectour “collector” (of money or taxes; Old French collector, Modern French collecteur), from Late Latin collector, agent noun from colligere.
2. Theoretical research and numerical simulation for ventilation properties of solar chimney with vertical collector are performanced and they are compared with experimental results. Results show that: there are many factors to affect solar chimney ventilation that include heat collection height and width, solar radiation intensity, inlet and outlet area ratio of chimney and air inlet velocity, etc. When the collector height is increased, chimney ventilation is getting higher; but the ventilation increases slowly even decreases; the ventilation increases first and then decreases as the growing of the air layer thickness under the same chimney height and width; there exists an optimal ratio between heat collector height and width which makes the ventilation largest; considering the urban architecture image and the influence of the air layer thickness on chimney ventilation, the best air layer thickness is between 0.2m and 0.4m. Besides, the airflow temperature in solar chimney increases with chimney height in certain solar radiation intensity. It is consistent with the theoretical analysis and simulation results.

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CR: geothermics, horizontal collector.