xyloid lignite

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CT: Xyloid lignite differs from attital lignite in containing more than 50 percent anthraxylon, a material derived from woody parts of plants. Xyloid lignite is generally banded and original plant structures are well preserved. Most Texas lignite is of the xyloid type, although it commonly contains considerable amount of attrital material.

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N: 1. xyloid (adj): xyl(o)- + -oid. Of or like wood; woody.
lignite (n): “imperfectly formed coal,” 1808, from French, from Latin lignum “wood”. Brown coal that still shows traces of the wood it once was. Probably directly from Lithanthrax Lignius, name given to woody coal by Swedish chemist Johan Gottschalk Wallerius (1709-1785) in 1775.
2. Lignite can be separated into two types. The first is xyloid lignite or fossil wood and the second form is the compact lignite or perfect lignite.

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SYN: 1. woody lignite, xyloid coal, wood coal, board coal (UK), bituminous wood, lignite (UK). 2. xyloid lignite.

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CR: biomass, biomass energy, coal, ligno-cellulosic biomass, xylan, xylose.