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CT: Gas Oil / Red Diesel is one of a family of heavy oils made from the fractional distillation of petroleum. For heating applications, it’s known as gas oil, for automotive and plant applications it is usually called diesel fuel. Diesel can be supplied either as “white” or “red” diesel, depending on your requirements and applications. Red diesel prices are much less than white diesel due to it being taxed at a lower rate. Red diesel cannot be used for road vehicles but there is a wide range of ancillary equipment and plant in which is allowed including tractors, tippers or mowers. The red dye is added to allow inspectors to identify whether it is being used correctly.
All red diesel barrels supplied by New Era conforms to the latest British Standard BS 2869:2010. It has a sulphur content of 10ppm or less, and can contain up to 7% by volume of biodiesel. By ordering gas oil from New Era you can help reduce emissions and save non-renewable fuel sources.

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N: 1. From gas (as liquid fuel like gasoline or petrol: a ​liquid ​obtained from ​petroleum, used ​especially as a ​fuel for ​cars, ​aircraft, and other ​vehicles) and oil (as fuel: a thick liquid that comes from under the Earth’s surface that is used as a fuel and for making parts of machines move smoothly).
First Known Use of gas oil: 1901.
A hydrocarbon oil used as a fuel oil; especially : a petroleum distillate intermediate in boiling range and viscosity between kerosene and lubricating oil.
2. In the fields of White Products (Petroleum) and Diesel Motors: diesel fuel, automotive gas-oil.

  • A petroleum fraction used as fuel in compression ignition engines. It is obtained from crude fractions in the boiling point range 250°-350°C, that is middle distillates.
  • Gas-oil that has been specially formulated for use in medium and high-speed diesel engines, mostly used in the transportation market. (Definition standardized by ISO).

3. DERV: UK abbreviation for “diesel engine road vehicle.” DERV fuel is used in compression ignition engines that turn at high speed.
diesel fuel; DIESO: terminology used at the Department of National Defence.
diesel fuel: It is often referred to as “automotive diesel fuel.”
diesel fuel; automotive gas-oil; automotive diesel oil: terms standardized by ISO.
4. Gas Oil (also known as Red Diesel, 35 Second Burning Oil and Tractor Diesel) is a liquid fuel product used for off highway machinery. The fuel contains a red dye to identify it as it carries a lower duty than regular White Diesel.
5. DERV (also known as White Diesel or Road Diesel) is a liquid fuel product used for road vehicles and has the applied government duty to be paid. This product can be sold either from the pump at our Head Office or Padiham Depot or in bulk when delivered by our tankers.
6. In the fields of Black Products (Petroleum) and Petroleum Distillation: gas-oil, gas oil.

  • Middle distillate fuel, which may contain some heavy distillate for specified applications. (Definition standardized by ISO).

This distillate can be used to formulate automotive gas-oils, heating oils and marine distillate fuels.
gas-oil: term standardized by ISO.

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GV: gas-oil

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SYN: diesel fuel, DIESO, diesel oil, automotive gas-oil, automotive diesel oil, DERV fuel, automotive diesel fuel. (White Products – Petroleum – and Diesel Motors)

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CR: biodiesel , hybrid car.