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CT: The European Commission has been working since 2007 to end roaming charges in the EU. The Eurotariff capped prices for the whole EU as a first step. The tariffs were then gradually reduced and roaming charges were completely eliminated. Since 15 June 2017, people pay national prices for calls, SMS and surfing while travelling to other EU countries. Roam like at Home becomes a reality for Europeans travelling within the EU/EEA from 15 June 2017. People pay domestic prices for roaming while travelling in other EU countries. This means that, while on travel in the EU/EEA, data, calls and SMS to any EU/EEA number are included in domestic bundles with no extra charge. National telecoms regulators are responsible for enforcing the new roaming rules.

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N: 1. Present participle of the verb “roam” (c. 1300, romen, possibly from Old English *ramian “act of wandering about,” which is probably related to aræman “arise, lift up;” Spanish romero “a pilot-fish; a pilgrim;” Old French romier “traveling as a pilgrim; a pilgrim,” from Medieval Latin romerius “a pilgrim” -originally to Rome-; Related: Roamed; roamer; roaming).
2. The practice of using a mobile phone on another operator’s network, typically while abroad.
3. Roaming service is made possible through Internet service providers (ISPs) who have cooperative agreements to grant each others’ customers local access to the Internet.
4. When thinking about roaming, we generally refer to using the handset in a different country: international roaming. But the same term can refer to regional roaming, when users will be roaming when moving from one region of a country to another, without switching carriers in the process, or national roaming, when moving from carrier A to carrier B inside the same country while still being a subscriber with carrier A (not to be confused with porting the number to carrier B), although this is something you may not want to do, or if you’re doing it you may be unaware of it happening.

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CR: computer science, Internet , smartphone, smartwatch, Wi-Fi, wireless network.