toroidal magnetic chamber

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CT: For 30 years or so, scientists have been trying to find the right shape for the magnetic container and how to make it. The front-runner among confinement systems at the moment is the so-called tokamak -derived from the Russian acronym for toroidal magnetic chamber. Tokamak is the basis for the world’s biggest fusion experiments, including the EEC’s Joint European Torus (JET) at Culham, and the US’s Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) at Princeton, New Jersey.

S: New Scientist 1 Jul 1982 Vol. 95, n.º 1312 – (last access: 25 February 2015)

N: 1. Tokamak: A toroidal magnetic trap which, in addition to a toroidal magnetic field, also has a second, poloidal or azimuthal magnetic field (i.e. tangential to the tube of the torus) generated by an electric current circulating through the plasma itself and thus conferring additional stability on the containment system. The resultant of these two fields constitutes the confinement field for this configuration.
2. Tokamak. A device for confining a plasma within a toroidal chamber, which produces plasma temperatures, densities and confinement times greater than that of any other such device.
3. This applies to an experimental thermonuclear fusion device.

S: 1. GDT. 2 & 3. TERMIUMPLUS.

SYN: 1. Tokamak. 2. toroidal chamber, toroidal vacuum chamber.


CR: confinement, magnetic confinement, nuclear energy.